WORK - Will always result in a positive money gain, but a small one. Also takes longer time to regenerate. 

CRIME - High risk, high reward!

PICK UP COIN FROM THE GROUND - Free coins laying around? Pick them up!

UPGRADE - Buy this upgrade to make chickens generate money for you.

Buy a chicken for 50 coins, and bet a minimum of 50 coins with the bet slider. Double your money or lose them. Be the richest chicken mogul around!

Release notes:

    - Added more animations
    - Sound adjustments
    - Can now buy multiple chickens at a time
    - Cheaper coin upgrades
    - Added another level dependent upgrade
    - Improved the console with faster scrolling and longer history
    - Minor color fixes and text editing
    - Status box now show level stage
    - Coin pick button now show amount of coins you pick simultaneously

    - Added colors to the console
    - Added level system
    - Added level dependent upgrades
    - Added more upgrades
    - Added music and music mute button
    - Better graphics
    - More sound effects
    - Fixed a bug with the console that made the game lag and the console stop working
    - Fixed a bug where you could only fight with armored chickens even when having standard chickens
    - Fixed a bug where the slider didn't reset automatically
   - Added stacking animations
   - Added possibility to use space bar to place bets
   - Crime no longer result in negative balance
   - Fixed a bug so armored chickens automatically gets unchecked if you lose all of them
   - Better mute button
   - Fixed some typos

    - Added Marketplace.
    - Added armored chickens.
    - Better mute button.
    - Increased the amount of big crime win with a proportion of current balance.
    - Added tutorial and welcome screen.

    - Fixed a bug where loss amount showed in decimals.
    - Added an upgrade.
    - Added more sound effects. 

     - Fixed a bug where you didn't get subtracted the amount of the upgrade cost from           your balance.
    - Added sounds.
    - Added mutebutton.
    - Changed the win to loss ratio for crime.
    - Added a possibility to win bigger from crime a small percentage of the time.
    - Slowed down text animation.

v0.1.3(30/07/2019) - Fixed so that the game plays in the background as well.

v0.1.2(26/07/2019) - Fixed the win chance of CRIME from 25% to 33% and the loss amount to not heavily exceed the total balance.

- Fixed a bug where you gained money from losing in crime if your balance amount were negative.

Notes for future releases and known bugs:

 - Newest version got a bug where chickens don't add to the stats menu - does not impact any mechanics
 - Add possibility of bank loans and ability to lose the game if the interest rate exceeds the income amount of chickens
 - Add save functionality
- Add high-scores
- More upgrades [#####--]
- Add marketplace
- Slow down the animations
- Fix a bug where the slider fills and empties itself if you got a negative amount of money and generate a plus amount of coins
- Add animation to the fight with chickens
- Add soundtrack and other interactive sounds [######-]
- Add background and a welcome screen
- Fix a bug where crime win/loss is displayed with decimals
- Change columns to resize properly when using full screen
- Make the log display different messages for gaining or losing a crime
- Make the log display different messages when you work


Idea based on unbelievable boat Discord Bot -

Sound effects obtained from

Development log

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